Chrysanthemum's inner wires ropes are used for operation transmission of
control cables are manufactured from thoroughly examined raw materials
under sever controls using a highly integrated technique.
Inner wires ropes can be produced from superfine to any size.

This is mainly used for control, which adds the force in the pulling direction. Since our pull wire ropes have little elongation with outstanding durability, it provides fine operation and excellent workability. Spiral inner wire ropes of composition of 1~7,1~19 etc., stranded inner wire ropes such as 7~7,7~19 are respectively manufactured with galvanized, stainless steel, and KIKU-GT, and used as bear or coated inner wire ropes. Stranded inner wire ropes have many bends and often used for small bending radii. Pull wire ropes are used as standing wire ropes as well as control wire ropes (running wire ropes).
This wire rope is adequate to control in both pushing and pulling directions made by a single wire rope. Our push-pull wire ropes have high rigidity, stability quality and excellent durability, and we assure high reliability and accurate operation. Various types such as the armored type and center wire type are available in sizes varying from around 1mm to around 10mm. The products made of galvanized, stainless steel, KIKU-GT and resin coated rope are available, enabling selection of push-pull wire ropes which are best suited for many applications.


Chrysanthemum's outer casings have both moderate rigidity and flexibility,
and produce high operating efficiency.

Outer casing (conduit) are used in combination with inner wire ropes. With little deformation and shrinkage against pressure, and also enough resistance against large tensile force, Chrysanthemum's outer casing (conduit) have both moderate rigidity and flexibility, and produce high operating efficiency. Several kinds of type using plastic resin tube and flatted steel wire tubes are available. New applications of control cables have been developed by suitable combinations with push-pull wire ropes.
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Our special plating inner wire ropes developed originally improve corrosion
resistance and durability that of galvanized inner wire ropes.

KIKU-GT is the special plating inner wire rope developed by Chrysanthemum independently for improving corrosion resistance of galvanized inner wire ropes. This KIKU-GT is manufactured in such a manner that a rope is made by stranding several single wires drawing from electro galvanized redraw wire to a high quality hard steel wire. A special plating is then applied to the wire rope. As a result, KIKU-GT provides corrosion resistance that is over 5 to 10 times that of galvanized inner wire ropes. As its plated surface is low friction, resulting in a controllability which is equivalent to or better than that of conventional plated inner wire ropes. This plating inner wire rope, KIKU-GT, also provides durability against wear from the exterior that is higher than that of conventional products.
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Zinc plating


Coating by plastic resin, durability and controllability of a rope can be improved.
We manufacture various types of coated cable (PE, PP, PA, etc) to meet your needs

KIKU-RESIN is improved product based on PE. This inner wire ropes coated by plasitc resin developed mainly for improving operation efficiency and durability of control cables. KIKU-RESIN not only improves operating efficiency, but also provides excellent in wear resistance, and greatly extends the service life of control cables.
The rope coated by various kinds of nylon, which has excellent durability, chemical resistance, and mechanical strength. Utilizing character of nylon, this product is used as control cable, outside operation cable and protection cable.
This inner rope coated by fluoric resin has most outstanding chemical resistance, heat and cold resistance, and non-adhesion than other plastic resin. We manufacture cable, coated by teflon or other types of fluoric resin and used as control cable and other applications.
We provide high grade galvanized steel wire and bear wire with high toughness and fatigue resistance made by a non oxidation heat treatment-electro zinc plating- Galvanized Plating Redraw (GP Wires), and Galvanized Steel Wires (AD Wires) drawn from GP Wires etc.
Hard steel wire, mild steel wire and stainless wire coated by fluoric resin, nylon and other plastic resin.
Used as fence net, conveyer mesh and other application.
Galvanized steel ropes and stainless steel ropes which conformed to the standards such as JIS, DIN, MIL, EN and so forth are made under thorough quality control with the range of diameter ƒΣ1.0mm-20mm. They have been widely used with high evaluation in both Japanese domestic and overseas markets.
The newly developed merchandise and parts related to inner wire ropes, hard steel wires, control cables and plastic coated cables in reply to customers' request are available.
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