We keep our scientific eyes everywhere from
raw material to completed products.
Scientifically inspected every raw material to completed products under severe control.
To distribute better products, quality controls are thoroughgoing.
High quality products are produced from our own manufacturing process.
Quality control of raw material and wires
@ Raw materials and redraw wires
Chrysanthemum scientifically processes reliable raw materials under severe quality control from heat treatment through electro galvanizing along a continuous facility of unique manufacturing methods. Only those wires of assured birth and history are galvanized with the automatically controlled heat treatment and galvanizing devices. The redraw wires thus produced are thoroughly inspected for tensile strength, toughness and plating thickness, and only those which pass these tests are forwarded to the drawing process.
AFinished wire
The drawn high carbon steel wires for inner wire rope are tested again for tensile strength, toughness, plating thickness, structure and hardness where appropriate. These are, of course, severe consistent checks throughout the drawing process.
Quality control of stranded wires
@ Wire stranding operation
Only the selected drawn wires are used in the stranding process. The operations are carried our by thoroughly trained workers while stranding, rope diameter, appearance and so forth are severely checked. Thus these inner wire ropes which can be easily used and which provide superior durability are produced.
A Product inspection
Stranded inner wire ropes are finally inspected in details by inspectors for rope diameter, lay direction, appearance and so forth. Samples are taken from each product and breaking strength, outside diameter, properties of single wire and so forth are carefully inspected with every one of products. In addition, a salt spray test is carried out with a salt spray test machine follows to test the corrosion resistance.
B Fatigue test/Elongation test
The inner wire ropes made by Chrysanthemum are subjected to a severe durability test besides tensile strength test. Elongation is also checked in an elongation test. These various tests insure the high reliability of Chrysanthemum's products.
Research, Development
Every one of the development of Chrysanthemum, technical, manufacturing and sales department, are making the utmost efforts to produce products to meet customer's needs.
"Production of goods providing higher reliability" is our motto. The role of the research and development department is particularly large. The staff of these departments are always seeking for the products which satisfy the requirements of customers and working toward development of uniquely new products using the latest technology. The results are, we have developed a product such as KIKU-GT, which highly evaluated in the overseas markets.
Information processing throughput
A computer is fully utilized in every aspect of production and quality control. It's also used in the acceptance of orders and delivery of products as well as sales activities. Various data and information are quickly and accurately processed with computer. And each and all activity is performed smoothly and efficiently with the aid of the computer.
Our excellent product developments arehighly evaluated.
All of our products have high reputation. Since our business was starting, we have dedicated over 30 years for steady research and product development and that's because our devotion is recognized. Product quality primary depends on its raw material. The selected wire rods, therefore, only from leading steel maker in Japan are used. And also we have our own manufacturing process such as continuous facility from patenting to galvanizing, and adopt an oxidization-free heat treatment process for patenting. These high-quality products are produced with high durability, which you can only find with us.
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